How the name came to be!
It all started about 15 years ago when I bought an old Bronco. I spent so much time and money on it that my wife told me that it was now my dog house and when I was in trouble that is where I had to go. So when my idea of the powder coating business came around she said to me "now your really in the dog house." Well it sounded good to me, no not being in the dog house but calling the business dog house, and so it stuck. And thus DogHouse Powder Coating came to be.


No longer for just for the car enthusiast, but for anything that needs a finish and can stand the heat. So weather your a car/truck enthusiast, an artist that works in metal, a metal furniture restorer or a weekend dad fixing things around the house/farm, DogHouse Powder Coating is for you. With a finish that is many times more durable, more flexible, and can take the weather better than any paint, with DogHouse to help, you can be proud of the project that your doing.


Misc Engine Compartment Parts                                                                            Metal Signs                 

Suspension Parts

                                              BEFORE                                                                             AFTER                                                       

 Trailer                                                                                                Metal Fish