Why Power Coat?

POWDER COATING: No longer for just for the car enthusiast, but for anything that needs a finish and can stand the heat. So weather your a car/truck enthusiast, an artist that works in metal, a metal furniture restorer or a weekend dad fixing things around the house/farm, DogHouse Powder Coating is for you. With a finish that is many times more durable, more flexible, and can take the weather better than any paint, with DogHouse to help, you can be proud of the project that your doing.

Powder Coating: today’s answer to being “Green” in the color finishing business.

Powder coating is recognized as one of the environmentally friendliest methods of applying a quality finish. Unlike paint, very few VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are released into the environment during the powder coating process. VOCs have been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals and birth defects if inhaled in sufficient quantities. Powder Coating releases only a very small amount of VOCs and only when the item is actually being cured. Once a powder coated item has cooled to room temperature there is no danger at all with the coating. This is because the powder is simply a melted polyester resin and is no more harmful to humans than the disco shirts and slacks we wore during the 1970s! (Hey, now my age is showing!).

Powder Coating is much safer than most of these other finishing processes. Your exposure to VOCs when powder coating during a five year period would equal how much you were exposed to during only one session with a can of spray paint painting your son’s bicycle! Regardless of how little VOCs are released during the curing process of powder coating, it is assumed that inhaling any VOCs is not good for your health and should be avoided at all costs. As an already environmentally friendly process, manufacturers of powder resins are working very hard to eliminate all VOCs from their products.

The next best reason for choosing powder is that there are more than 6500 colors to choose from plus a wide variety of textures. Also those next to impossible colors that a customer wants can be special mixed by most of the manufactures of powder. A 5 pound package is usually the minimum order on special colors but that “special” color you need can be done.

Check out the products link in the Useful Links tab above for some color and texture samples!

How flexible, you ask, is powder coating?


Go ahead guys, crush that can
all you want, it will never come off!

Flexible enough for the new
Stealth Fighter Plane!

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